A process of transformation.

EAT: Embrace | Awareness | Transformation

We are going through transformation all the time.  Just think about when we are hungry and the process we go through when we eat food.

This is a similar process to what happens when we go through transformative processes, both personally and professionally; individually and collectively.

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The Hunger Pain

Let’s say I experience hunger pangs.  My body and system is saying that there is a problem that I need to address or I will not be able to function.  This happens all the time in our world.  We feel the pangs and pains of the world and this is just an indication that we have an issue to be addressed.


If I experience hunger pains, I need to bring food into my system to solve the problem.  I can’t avoid it and if I don’t eat, I die.

It is interesting to note that we often don’t follow this natural inclination in our daily life.  We often experience a pain, frustration, issue, etc. and instead of bringing it closer to examine and then solve the issue, we push it away and say it shouldn’t be there.  Unfortunately this is when the problem festers and often the “pain” gets louder until it is addressed.  We may continue to try to cover it up with coping skills, addictive behaviour, avoidance and so much more, but core issues stay until addressed.  Recognizing this is the first step to a transformation that will address the initial situation.  We must say yes to the challenge in front of us.


Awareness leads to action.

My body, through its variety of systems, senses the food entering my system and it gets to work on the digestive process.  It needs to be aware in order to function properly.

This is the same when we engage in a process.  It is a place of being aware of as much as possible and then taking action on the most relevant parts and ensuring an effective feedback loop.


When we eat, our bodies are transformed and we have energy to engage in our lives.

Whenever we truly embrace a new situation, our awareness expands and evolves and then we notice our actions and life have been transformed, almost magically.


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