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Lighthouse Project
Discover how social innovators are connecting to intensify their light for others
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Social Innovation Questionnaire
Share your thoughts on what social innovators need to make a difference in our world.
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Transmedia meets Social Innovation
Find out how you can share your impactful stories to have more influence.
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About Us

Something special happens when expert-generalists with different expertise meet and, together, decide to offer their diversified talents to the world. 

Mark, an environmental specialist, engineer, and whole-systems expert, together with Cheryl-Dean, a multifaceted creative, executive coach, and consciousness partner, feel a deep desire to pass their wisdom and relevant experience to the next wave of influencers. 

We are here to help accelerate your endeavours.

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Overcome challenges and accomplish goals, individually & collectively

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Breathe, relax, and co-create your life as you influence the lives of others

About You

We love working with social innovators, change-makers, and those who go beyond themselves. 

Never satisfied to just sit on the couch and watch the world pass you by, we want to enable you to live the best life you can as you engage in the adventure.

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