About Us

Engineering meets Psychology ... plus ...

We created our company, Global Enlightening Enterprise Inc., to support individuals, organizations, and communities to go beyond themselves to have powerful, sustainable impacts in our world.


People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.

Meet The Team

Mark Rowlands, P.Eng., MA, EP

Founder | Systems Innovation Partner

Cheryl-Dean Thompson

Founder | Consciousness Partner

Please note: Mark is on a one year leave from company engagements.

With a career that reflects whole-systems-thinking, he developed plans that reflect the complex changes needed within government & organizations that include planning, implementation, design, consultation, outreach, speaking, training, and operations – all to maximize the impact of a new system. He has worked locally, nationally, and internationally to evolve award-winning social innovation systems that involve policy, programs, infrastructure, personnel, finance, operations, and administration for over 30 years.

As a professional civil engineer, environmental professional, and educated in global leadership, Mark’s background in operations, planning, and engineering has afforded him the ability to see systems in their entirety, enabling creative approaches like no other to achieve the desired impact systems changers want. Mark has held numerous leadership positions in government, consulting, and internationally while holding senior NGO Directorships as President and Vice-Presidents.

Mark’s goal is to ensure all forms of social innovation have the most significant impact possible so that their contributions to global evolution are as powerful as they can be. He enjoys working at any level to suit the diverse range of needs of those seeking these improvements so that not only the initiative succeeds, but they succeed as well in their career paths.

For more information, visit his LinkedIn profile.

Deemed a renaissance woman, she has embraced many roles – executive coach, consultant, speaker, educator, mentor, therapist, leader, facilitator – all to unleash the power and potential of others. She has provided tailored solutions for personal and professional growth for over twenty-five years.

Cheryl-Dean has been fortunate to work with those who excel within their spheres of influence and want to take their impact to the next level.  They exhibit a “consciousness in action” that is powerful and they reside in many fields including telecommunications, engineering, education, entertainment, health, leadership and business, to name just a few.  Cheryl-Dean has held numerous leadership positions within these fields as well as enabling her clients through mentoring, coaching and consulting to co-create individual and organizational transformations.

Cheryl-Dean’s expertise and background in psychology, as a past clinical counsellor, enable her to work with clients and organizations on any level.  Whether working through personal blocks or accelerating action, based on a true understanding of self, she bridges the many worlds so that they may operate in a holistic and integrated way to achieve the impact they want in their lives.

For more information, visit her LinkedIn page.