What is a Movement?

Where to start...and where to go...

What is a Movement?

According to the dictionary, a movement is “a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas”.  At Global Enlightening Enterprise Inc. (GEE), we want to support those who are contributing to our world in a positive way.  That is why we were very excited when, in 2015, the United Nations facilitated countries coming together and adopting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its related 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  We will discuss how we are using this as a framework in the next section below.

Movements cannot be made with only one person.  It takes one person to initiate a movement and many more to have an impactful movement, and many many more to have that movement transform our world. We cannot do it all by joining all movements as we only have limited capacity, but we can focus on those that reflect our values, are close to our heart, and within our capacity.

We at GEE want to add our limited energy to supporting you with your particular movements as we believe we collectively have the momentum to change the world into the one we all want to live in.  Some movements we are currently interested in are included in the “Aligned Movements” section below for your interest and participation, if you will.  We have also added a fun short video about starting a movement from a TED Talk by Derek Sivers.

Frameworks used by us for you

As an enhancement to our clients and others, we will be layering what goals are affected by the work we do and we will be sharing information related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, or “Global Goals” as they are also called.  We look forward to hearing your stories as well, so we can share how many people are making a difference.

United Nations – Global Sustainability Goals

In 2015, the United Nations courageously produced 17 goals that could transform our world with 169 measurable targets that would indicate success.  We believe in every one of these goals and want to ensure that we and our initiatives align with them.  Despite some international organizations and states not believing that we have the resources to achieve them, it has been reported by the UN that progress is being made.  GEE believes that we must achieve them in light of the resources currently being used to address symptoms related to not achieving them. 

Theory U – Putting Consciousness in Action

We are all human and subject to our own perspectives.  This lens makes it difficult for us to see the world through other individuals’ eyes and, in effect, creating a blind spot and imposing a divide.  No one is immune to this fundamental problem and yet, this problem is one of our biggest challenges to overcoming our own limitations in our efforts to creating the world we all want to live in.  Professor C. Otto Scharmer has studied this aspect of humanity through his work at MIT and has developed Theory U as an approach to enable individuals and groups to cross this divide between peoples and through seeing the world through the other eyes, co-create a better result.  We see this as an essential movement towards all of us as individuals and cultures to co-create our future.  GEE has joined in on this movement and is actively participating and adopting its values and teachings. 

Drawdown – A Plan to Reverse Global Warming

While we are sure many will have varied points of view amongst themselves on what the world we all want to live in looks like, we need a global environment with conditions to enable our actions and discussions.  Without that, we find ourselves overly stressed with the continual decline in global resources related to land, water, and air and an increased fear response to secure these diminishing resources for the life of our families.  The Drawdown Plan is the first of its kind, providing a hopeful method in which we can regenerate our future.  It will evolve, and GEE wants to actively evolve with it.  GEE will interrelate the Drawdown solutions with the UN Sustainable Global Goals as part of our framework.