Engagement Session

Onsite Training & Consultation for 1/2 day

One of the most important elements in the design and implementation of any system is to engage those people who are a part of it. All solutions are much better when they include the diverse inputs of the very people who will have to participate within them. Building consensus, reflecting ideas, and inspiring participation are foundational to having the impact you want with a social innovation. Participants need to feel that they themselves as individuals have contributed to a social innovation because they feel the changes it represents contributes to the welfare of society and by extension, their very own families & friends. When the system is designed there is a need to reflect this input and to echo the resonating expression of it to the greater group. A strong training program will not only provide the skills needed to implement and operate a system, it will also build the passion needed to make it a great success both in the efforts of participants and the feedback by customers and constituents, alike. This is an essential ingredient for any social innovation whether completed by GEE or others.


For it is in giving that we receive.

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