Who are You?

Client or Partner?

What is amazing in this time is that there are so many opportunities.  At Global Enlightening Enterprise Inc., we love to co-create and collaborate with both clients and partners for projects.  Listed below you will find a number of clients scenarios.  In addition, we also love to work on partnership projects that make a difference in our world and we have been involved in numerous pieces including training programs for naturopathic physicians, media projects, a Power of Women online summit, volunteer leadership projects, and more.  If you are interested in exploring partnership projects, please contact us!


Our clients – whether individuals, organizations, or communities – go beyond themselves and take action in our world.  This is not easy and requires an awareness of the voice/messages we want to share, strategies to implement, and stamina to create.  Going beyond just personal or professional growth, our clients want to live a fully lived life.

Client Scenarios: What this may look like?

Please feel free to browse the scenarios listed below.  They are samples just to give you an idea of what it may look like.  Chances are, your scenario will look very different and we would love to explore your scenario with you. 

Scenario 1:  You want to introduce a program for women in the workplace that is currently a  male dominated organization.

  • Options: 
    • Executive coaching for key intrapreneurs who are facilitating the process
    • Organizational training designed for either onsite or online
    • Advisory services to development, implement, and measure the performance of the programs and policies

Scenario 2:  Having achieved success at the c-suite level, an executive wants to pass on her experience, wisdom and knowledge.

  • Options: 
    • Executive coaching for setting up a mentorship program in the organization
    • Advisory, development and facilitation services for the creation of the mentorship program to become a sustainable and ongoing program in the organization


Scenario 3:  A new recruit has a vast amount of expertise in social media and desires to be an intrapreneur for the company.

  • Options:
    • Executive coaching around leadership, communication, and alignment with purposeful goals
    • Advisory services to enable the intrapreneur to set up a training curriculum for the key office employees