Voices for Impact Presentation

Many of us have an important message that we would like to share.

Unfortunately, the messages can sometimes be “lost in translation”. I recently presented and offered a workshop on creating presentations that had impact with three key guidelines:

Know Thy Message

Know Thy Audience

Know Thyself

You are invited to see the presentation here: Voices of Impact Prezi Presentation

You are invited to access some resources here: Voices of Impact Resources

Global Goals from the Inside Out


To enable the evolution of the world, we must go through an inner evolution.

Regeneration focuses on ensuring health with an ongoing, sustainable, and revitalizing process.  This can happen on many levels in our society and world.  It also happens in our inner world.  When we are healthy and present within ourselves, we can offer that in collaborative and co-creative ways in our world.

The Power of Women

I am really excited to share that a good friend and colleague of mine, Adrienne White, and I will be facilitating some Meetups in the Vancouver area on the “Power of Women”.  Please let us know if you would like more info!

We are what we EAT.

A process of transformation.

EAT: Embrace | Awareness | Transformation

We are going through transformation all the time.  Just think about when we are hungry and the process we go through when we eat food.

This is a similar process to what happens when we go through transformative processes, both personally and professionally; individually and collectively.

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