Global Enlightening Enterprise Inc.

Welcome to our company.

We have decided to dedicate this company to helping form the future we all want.  Of course, everyone will have different visions and aspects for what that is; however, we believe there are key common areas within all of us.  Our vision is inclusive of humanity.  We all want to live worthy lives, no matter where we have come from and our respective journeys.

We are all a part of our vision:

The world we all want to live in.

As of 2015, the UN published the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (or Global Goals as they are also called).  We have adopted these as a framework for our leadership work.  We enable impactful people so that they may have more impact on the world.

Please explore our site and we welcome your engagement.

Welcome Message

We love seeing the natural beauty of the world.  It emerges in nature, people, communities, and systems within all cultures and lifestyles. We also see the blocks to this beauty and it has become a burning desire within us to help release these blocks.  This is especially true at this time in our history where removing them has become essential to our future and regenerating more vibrancy in our world.

To do this, it takes an interdisciplinary and inter-relational mindset.  It also takes what we call, “consciousness in action.”

To have a powerful impact on our world and co-create a world where we all want to live, we offer ourselves to you.  We engage with those who want to go beyond themselves to have a greater impact on our world.  Whether leading movements within an organization, bringing new thought leadership to the world, solving diversity issues as you bring new initiatives, policies and procedures forward, or whatever your endeavour, we excel when you excel.